Invisible Glass Cabinet RFID Lock for Double and single glass Door

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Invisible RFID glass cabinet lock with satin Chrome Finish pulls.  Works with both single and double glass doors. No glass drilling required. the pulls are held on the glass with screws.   Easy to program and to use. Also comes with a power supply that can attach to your LED lights.

Card function: Use the Management card (white) to set up main card.  For setting up staff card (Brown), use the user cards.  These RFID card come already programmed.

Scan the sensor area to open and scan the sensor area to close.

Applications are for Glass cabinets, Display window, etc. 

Feature overview: -Easy to program- no need for software or PC, end user can program and reprogram this lock themselves!  Reliable function for glass cabinet -Glass does not require drilling hole.

Alarm of Lower battery notification will be active for 3 days.  in this time frame you must replace batteries or if not the lock will stay closed when batteries go below 4.5V.   Since this lock is designed to stay locked if the batteries die, the power supply TF-DC5V is designed to be used in conjunction with LED lights.  Connect the 1 end to the lock and the other end to your LED lights.

Item code: SDGS-BK001DH
RFID Frequency: 125K Hz
Power: 4.5V.  Comes with a power supply that attaches to your LED light source.  You can use AAA batteries, however, if the batteries die this lock will stay locked.

Glass thickness: 6~10mm (1/4" to 3/8")
Batteries not included.
Operations manual is included.


Power supply info:

Item no.: TF-DC5V

Description: Transformer -DC5V

Input: DC12 ~ 24V

Output: DC5V +-0.5% 

Input wire type: Tinned wire

Red wire for"+",Black wire for "-"

Output wire type: 2pin x 2.5

Working current: 2100mmA

Wire length: 3 Meter

1 year warranty

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