Things You Can Do To Prevent Lock Bumping

Things You Can Do To Prevent Lock Bumping

Aug 17th 2022

Experienced burglars use a number of different techniques to gain entrance to homes. It is your job as a homeowner to educate yourself about these techniques. Very rarely will a burglar employ the smash and grab method to steal items from a home. In most cases, these criminals will try to pick the locks on a home’s exterior doors.

Studies show that over 90 percent of the homes in the United States have exterior doors equipped with mechanical locks. One of the main techniques used by burglars to render these locks useless is lock bumping. Read below for more information about lock bumping and what you can do to prevent it.

What is Lock Bumping?

During the lock bumping process, bump keys are used to align the cylinders inside of the lock. A bump key is a specially designed key that can bypass the security mechanisms built into pin and tumbler locks. When performed successfully, lock bumping will allow a burglar to open your exterior doors and gain access to the valuable items inside of your home. Many experts in the security sector view lock bumping as a growing concern for residential security.

All burglars need to use this method of lock picking is the right tools and a bit of practice. You need to work on taking preventative action if you want to avoid having your home burglarized using the lock bumping method.

Invest in Temporary Lock Guards

The modern home security market is filled with products designed to prevent lock bumping. One of the most products you can use to prevent lock bumping is a temporary lock guard. With this flip guard in place, you can keep burglars from picking your locks.

However, a lock guard will also prevent you from unlocking your exterior doors from the outside. This is why you need to use lock guards as a temporary and partial solution to this problem.

Improve Visibility Around Your Home

An experienced burglar can bump a lock in a relatively short amount of time. When inspecting a potential target, most burglars will consider the amount of visibility around the home. Criminals are far less likely to attempt a burglary if there are no places to hide. This is why you need to work on improving visibility around your home’s exterior. Trimming bushes and installing landscaping lights are great ways to accomplish this goal.

Install Bump-Proof Locks

Perhaps the most effective way to protect your home from lock bumping is to invest in new locks. There are a number of bump-proof locks on the market that are both effective and affordable. When looking for locks for your home, you need to look for products with a UL 437 rating. These markings will be featured on the keyhole of the lock. This type of lock doesn’t use tumblers and pins, which makes them impossible to bump open.

If you are serious about protecting your home from burglars, then implementing the tips in this article is a must. 

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