Testing Products And What That Means For Us

Testing Products And What That Means For Us

Jul 21st 2021

Let's talk a little bit about our process of testing products in our headquarters before we offer them for sale.

Why do we do that? Well, lock and security technology has made big advances in the last few years, and the industry has diversified a lot, too. You have a proliferation of products, and a lot of different choices available. But how much work is put into testing these various types of products? Is the end user supposed to do all of that themselves?

Range of Motion Testing

Many of our products have a specified range of motion. Consider a cabinet lock that works with a cabinet hinge. It has to be able to work well in terms of the range of motion that it facilitates. You have to be able to open and close the thing easily, and do that 1000 times without a malfunction or problem.

That's a component of what we do when we’re testing these products for use in your homes and businesses. Before we put it on the shelf, we’re looking at how it works in terms of mechanics, and whether you can really use it for a particular task, or whether it's bound to become an incredible hassle over time. That saves our customers time and effort, and helps them to avoid some pretty stressful experiences.

Biometrics and Other Technology

We've also come a long way with biometrics – the idea that you can use something natural like your fingerprint, instead of a lock and key system or even a combination lock.

But again, biometrics is only useful when it works well. Otherwise it's just a dead end – an ongoing frustration and an ineffective result. So we’re testing the biometrics component of our lock products before we put them out for sale. We just feel like that's the right thing to do.

Other technologies, like magnets, also have their own functionality. We feel like it's appropriate to test magnetic locks for accuracy, or even test a lock and key system for the fit. Again, it's the difference between offering a generic result and offering the buyer something that has been fully vetted and screened to our satisfaction, so that we can have the confidence to promote it to you for whatever you need in terms of building or asset security. Browse the web site to see all that we offer from our Lancaster, PA facility, and bookmark us for all of your access and security needs. 

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