RFID Hidden Cabinet Drawer bolt Lock

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This RFID lock uses an all metal bolt and has all metal mounting area for all mounting screws.

This lock uses 3 AAA batteries.  Typical battery life is Approx, 9 months.   When voltage is getting low, the lock will have an audible alarm.

RFID card :
1. MANAGEMENT(PROGRAMMING) CARD - is used to create user card
2. User card is the key of the lock.  User cards open the lock
The same RF card can be shared by all the lock.  RFID card read thru 1" thick wood.
Comes with screws, lock, strike, and instructions.
To use this lock with no batteries, you need to have the optional card reader and power supply (sold separately)


TX-001 Emergency external RFID card reader
PB-001 Emergency power supply
Connect the TX-001 to the power supply.  Insert RFID card into the TX-001. Push the button on the power supply to turn on and hold the TX-001 in the same place where you typically hold RFID card to open the lock.  No more being locked out of cabinets!



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