Bluetooth Electronic Hidden Cabinet Drawer latch Lock

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Bluetooth cabinet lock. This lock uses an all metal plunger and has all metal mounting area for all mounting screws.
Download app, IOS or android. Phone can open the lock within 25 feet.

This phone can have multiple phones that operate it.  There needs to be 1 manager account.  The first phone that links to the phone and sets up the account first will be the manager phone.  Only this phone can manage settings on the lock.  That manager phone can then share access to the lock with other phones.  Both phones will have to have their own separate account and the manager phone would allow access to the lock to other phones.  Lock can only sync to 1 phone at a time.  It operates similar to a Bluetooth speaker.


This lock uses 3 AAA batteries.  Typical battery life is Approx, 9 months.  The app has battery status in the app so you can see when voltage is getting low.  You can have multiple locks in your APP. You can also take a picture instead of calling the lock a name to make it easier to know which lock it will operate. 

Comes with screws, lock, strike, and instructions.
This Bluetooth lock can be used in any material cabinets.
You can also get a fob (BTRC-001) and it it can sync to 1 lock.  It can only sync to 1 lock.  Optional FOB is shown in 3rd picture.



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