Three Big Benefits of Fingerprint Locks

Three Big Benefits of Fingerprint Locks

Sep 15th 2020

Listen, it's a new day in home security. Property owners now have easy new options that they never had before. Lock and key technology is taking off in a big way, and biometrics is one fundamental part of that.

Let's talk about some of the benefits of moving to new kinds of biometric locks.

No Losing Keys

Forgetful people or those who suffer from ADD know the perils of a conventional key system. Realistically, though, anybody can lose their keys. It just happens. And when it does – it’s stressful!

One of the biggest benefits of biometric locks and the biggest drivers of their convenience is that there are no keys to lose. Because you're using your fingerprint as the key, you're never going to have to worry about where it is. Ever.

Easy Hands

New combination locks and biometric locks also make it easier to get access to a property when your hands are full.

The old way involved digging in your pocket for a small metal key, carefully inserting that in the right direction, and turning the lock tumbler, all while juggling groceries or babies or anything else. It’s not always easy.

The fingerprint design means single-touch easy access that makes it a lot easier to unlock the door when you need to, or when time is of the essence.

No One But You

Another corollary benefit of fingerprint biometric locks is that no one else is going to be able to sneak their way in.

With a key, someone can always make a copy without your knowledge or consent. Or maybe you have some spared kicking around somewhere. Even with a key code, with the new push-button combination locks, somebody can always get hold of your unique access PIN.

On the other hand, (no pun intended) nobody else is getting hold of your fingerprint, so you don't have to worry that someone's been in your home when you're away, or that maybe someone could get in after you if that is a concern. Adding good new security systems can also help.

To be fair, having proprietary biometric security also makes it more difficult to allow access to somebody else when you're not home, but as long as you deal with those contingencies, fingerprint locks keep your house very secure!

We offer these kinds of modern locks, which are typically easy to install and very durable and safe. Call us with any questions. We are experienced in helping our customers to find the right options to keep themselves and their assets safe. 

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