The Biggest Benefits of RFID Locks

The Biggest Benefits of RFID Locks

Jul 13th 2020

Many businesses are now using RFID – Radio Frequency Identification – door locks. With this lock, each user receives a key card containing data encoded on a machine-readable RFID chip. This plays a crucial role in a computerized security system. When this card comes within a few feet of the antenna connected to the card reader, the RFID chip will transmit it, which identifies the user to the connected security computer.

Modern RFID smart cards are affordable, easy to use, and programmable. They are an excellent option for an array of commercial buildings, including hospitals, dormitories, motels, hotels, and more. If you are not sure if this option is right, consider the many benefits highlighted here.

Easy to Use

RFID cards are useful, regardless of if they are carried in your pocket or clipped to your belt or shirt. Since the RFID system will use radio waves, the card's proximity to the reader will trigger the system. Compared to the popular magnetic stripe card, RFID smart cards do not have to make physical contact with the reader. This adds another level of convenience if your arms are full and you need to access a locked room.

Data Tracking

When someone is carrying an RFID card with them, the system will record their movements. For example, if someone goes into a locked room with their card, the system will note who the person is, the time and date they came in, and when they leave.

Secure Data

The data contained on an RFID card will only be readable by the special equipment it is made to work with. This is a feature that helps to keep the data that is recorded in the chip secure.


Most of the modern RFID locks that are available today are weatherproof. This is mainly because there is not an exposed card slot like on the magnetic strip readers. This means you can use these cards in virtually any outdoor location without worrying about covering it to protect it from bad weather. This also goes along with the next point, which states the lock is more flexible and versatile than other options.


When it comes to some equipment, you can program and then reprogram the RFID card with new security requirements. This means you can use it for multiple employees or people, which is a great option for businesses and hotels. It also reduces the cost because there is no need to replace it with a new user.

Remember, if you have never used this type of system in the past, it will be necessary to purchase the entire system and install it. While this comes with a higher initial cost, it is usually well worth it. That is because you will be able to save money and have increased security. To learn more about RFID locks and some of the other benefits they offer, contact the professionals. They can answer any questions you may have about these locks and the benefits they provide. 

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