The Best Concealed Hinge Designs

The Best Concealed Hinge Designs

Mar 16th 2022

In a lot of our deliveries to customers, we’re dealing with not only principle lock mechanisms, but other related hardware, too. One of those items is a hinge or fastener for a door that might also be secured with some type of simple lock, or alternately, some kind of more elaborate new electronic or biometric design.

Anyway, a concealed hinge is often considered a best practice in cabinet design. It's one of those specialty pieces of hardware that can really add a lot to your furniture and functionality within a building.

Let's talk about some of the reasons why people buy these types of hinges, some things that you can think about if you’re in the market for new fixtures and furnishings.

Self-Closing Hinges

Many of the top concealed hinge designs are self-closing. That means they have some type of spring-loaded mechanism or other adjuster that has the door swinging slowly shut by itself, rather than just swinging in the wind.

Some of your older primitive mechanisms were more substantially spring-loaded to the point that they snapped shut. That's not what most people are going for – they’re going for a smooth, easy self-closing approach.

Which leads us to our next point about the best concealed hinge hardware around…

Quiet Operation

The best concealed hinge designs are whisper-quiet and operate without a sound.

Again, older hardware may tend to start squeaking with age. It might seem like a small detail, but it can be extremely annoying and make furnishings seem outdated or depreciated or devalued over time.

Adjustable Hinges

Some of the best concealed hinge designs are also adjustable for different types of troubleshooting as you use a particular cabinet or other functioning door.

For example, sometimes buildings settle, and having an adjustable hinge is useful for maintaining a property.

Combined with Lock Mechanisms

A lot of the best concealed hinges are paired with locks, as we mentioned above. It could be something easy like a mechanical cam lock, or something a lot more evolved, like a fingerprint or retinal scan biometric lock. It sort of depends what you have inside of a cabinet or compartment, and why you're protecting. For instance, some of our customers work in the medical space, and have protected health information that has to be secured according to industry HIPAA standards.

Others have financial information, or even valuables like precious metals.

Turn to Lock Connection for all of your security needs. We have the products that stand the tests of time, and provide you with good value. 

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