RFID and Contactless Locking

Feb 17th 2021

The physical security world has changed a lot in recent years. People who haven't been involved in home or building security for a couple of decades are often amazed when they come back and look at what's in stock at the shop of a modern locksmith!

For hundreds of years, the key was the accepted implement of security. “Under lock and key” was a literal idiom, a phrase to talk about how we protect what we own and cherish.

But now, “under lock and key” is starting to sound like “bar the door” – a rather obsolete line talking about primitive practices that predated modern technology. That’s because there are new ways to “lock” and “unlock” things that don’t look like anything that we have used before.

RFID Locks

A while ago, we wrote about new biometric and combination lock designs that eliminate the need for a physical key that fits in a lock. But now there's another helpful alternative for cutting-edge building security.

The RFID lock works with a plastic card carrying RFID technology. The RF signal will unlock the lock on its own, making RFID a contactless solution.

One of the best analogies is to contactless payment, where merchants are moving toward accepting Apple Pay and similar systems. Here, your card with its RFID strip will provide the signal that the reader will use to authenticate and verify the user. With Apple Pay, that means there's no need to punch in a code or insert the card into a device. It's the same way with RFID locks – you just swipe the card against the lock reader, and viola - it's open.

If you’re tired of the old way of equipping your property with security solutions, try RFID lock technologies. Enjoy a contactless solution that makes entry simpler and easier. Get flawless security without the need to turn a tumbler in order to unlock a door or get access to a secured building. At Lock Connection LLC, we have a variety of RFID lock solutions, for doors and cabinets, for commercial and residential buildings. The bottom line is that with these modern installations, you improve the way that you use a building, and the convenience that you offer those who live there. We also have biometric designs and more, and practical solutions for specific containers like gun safes and liquor cabinets. Take a look and keep us in mind as a top lock provider in the Lancaster, PA area. 

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