Magnetic Locks

Nov 17th 2021

We talked in other blog posts about how new and improved kinds of high-tech locks are changing our industry in a big way. People have choices now for securing anything from a drawer cabinet to a house or car. They don't have to settle for antiquated ‘key in a lock’ type systems that have you walking around with your keychain jingling off your hip everywhere you go. That whole thing is really 1980s!

Now we have biometric locks, different kinds of combination locks, and other modern choices. One of those is the magnetic lock, which is excellent for many baby proofing projects and other home office needs. If you want cutting-edge security for your home, this is not a bad option!

How Do Magnet Keys Work?

The essential part of a magnetic lock is actually an electromagnetic component, and an armature plate. When you work these components, it creates a magnetic flux that locks something closed. All you have to do is situate the magnetic key at the right place and the lock opens.

Magnetic Lock Projects

A typical magnetic lock project might look something like this – you have a home office or other areas of a home with sensitive items in drawers or cabinets, and there's a new baby coming, or your cat or dog is good at opening things. In other cases, you want to shield items in a high-traffic part of the building from random prying hands…

In these types of situations, electromagnetic lock systems can make it easy to prevent access by tiny hands (or other bigger hands) and still give you the easy access that you need to do your job in the home office.

Easy Installation

One of the reasons that people like these magnetic locks is that they don't have to be bolted into infrastructure around them. You can install these without a lot of power tools. They are versatile, and they represent some of the newest security technology around, alternatives to traditional locks that now seem pretty low-tech and primitive. A more positive way to say it is that it’s easy to modernize quickly with these ground-breaking types of lock options, without breaking the bank or tearing apart home systems.

Look for more details in our catalog, where we show off some of the best lock technology around. Importantly, too, we give you that support that you need when you’re modernizing. If you’re trying out a new product for the first time, you want a vendor that is fair and responsive, that will help you to get started in a way that’s not intimidating. That’s us!

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