Camlocks: Their Uses, Key Terminology, And More

Camlocks: Their Uses, Key Terminology, And More

Jun 5th 2023

In physical site security, the camlock is a very common type of locking mechanism.

But then there is often some significant confusion around terminology related to this product for several reasons.

What is a camlock, and how do you use it?

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The Camlock

Relating to the lock and key systems installation, a camlock is a type of lock that features a shaped fastener that you move with a key.

So basically, when you move it to the closed position, the latch prevents something from opening. When you turn the key and turn it to the open position, the latch falls away to a place where it doesn't impede opening. It's a "simple machine" in the parlance of physics, and it's something that's not extremely hard to manufacture. That said, quality is key. The sizing of the cam is particularly important, as the smoothness of the movement as the key turns.

Camlocks are very common on drawers and cabinet pieces, glass cases, and other types of security installations. They're not as common on front doors, but they are common in what you might call 'compartmental security' – where the lock is to prevent access to a small interior area rather than, say, a room or space.

Now here's where it gets confusing…

Other Meanings of 'Camlock'

Another common definition of camlock applies in the plumbing industry, where this is a pipe coupling between two different types of apertures.

Then there's also the camlock as an electrical connector.

So that makes people confused, looking up different definitions and wondering what they're talking about!

Let's bring it back to the world of lock and key security: what's important about camlocks for our customers and us, and how to shop for these products.

A Visual Catalog

At Lock Connection LLC, you can look at our visual catalog and pick out what you want from a position of being informed about lock and key technologies. In other words, you can learn a lot here and apply that to your purchases. Part of it is in the blog: other resources are elsewhere. And you can always ask questions!

From a practical standpoint, in shopping our site, you can see at a glance what a camlock is, how it works, and how it will relate to an installation on your property, whether residential or commercial.

You can also see all the rest of the fun stuff we offer, from biometrics to combination locks and more.

Today, you have a lot of choices in how you safeguard your home, business, and possessions. Having a trusted partner helps. We ship all kinds of security technology and stand behind what we sell! Take a look and see what you can use. 

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