4 Things That Can Make Your Home a Target For Burglars

4 Things That Can Make Your Home a Target For Burglars

Dec 20th 2022

Modern homeowners are well aware of how common burglaries are. As home burglary rates continue to rise, property owners are looking for ways to stay a step ahead of criminals. Educating yourself about how burglars think and what vulnerabilities they look for is crucial.

Having this information will help you fix the vulnerabilities your home has. While addressing these problems will be time-consuming, it is worth the effort. In this article, we will cover some of the things that can attract attention from burglars looking for an easy score.

1. Lax Front Door Security

Burglars will use a few common entry points when attempting to gain access to a home. If a burglar wants to enter a home, they will usually start at the front door. Criminals have a tendency to observe a home for a few days before making their move. During this time, the criminal will be looking for any vulnerabilities they can exploit.

Homes that have dimly lit front doors generally become a target. Burglars will also check the condition of the locks on a front door before attempting to breach it. Locks that look worn or damaged can be easily picked. T

This is why you need to assess the condition of your existing door locks. By replacing outdated door locks, you can make it difficult for burglars to use this point of entrance for nefarious purposes.

2. An Open Garage Door

When rushing out of the house in the morning, it is easy to forget things. Leaving a garage door open is a mistake most homeowners have made. If a burglar comes by your home and sees that the garage door is wide open, they will make their move.

Even if the burglar can’t get inside of your home via this open door, they can steal the items in your garage. Not only do you need to make sure your garage door is closed daily, you also need to invest in better garage door security. New locks and alarm sensors are just two of the main things you can do to enhance the security of your garage door.

3. Damaged Windows

If a burglar can get into your home via the front door or garage door, they might try to use your windows as a point of access. Breaching windows is much easier if they are old or damaged. Taking the time to inspect your windows frequently can help you pinpoint security vulnerabilities early on. If you notice that one or more of your windows is showing signs of wear, you need to have them replaced quickly.

4. Allowing Your Home To Appear Empty

Traveling away from home is something millions of people do every year. Allowing mail to pile up in the mailbox or packages to accumulate on the front porch can be dangerous. If a burglar sees these signs, they will assume that no one is home. This will embolden them to break in and take what they want. This is why getting a friend or family member to check your mail daily is important.

By fixing these problems, you can keep your home safe. 

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