4  Signs Your Cabinet Needs New Gas Shocks

4 Signs Your Cabinet Needs New Gas Shocks

Aug 30th 2023

Imagine opening your favorite cabinet, and instead of smoothly revealing its contents, it swings open wildly or won't stay open. You might be dealing with worn-out gas shocks. These little devices might not get much attention, but they play a vital role in your cabinet's operation.

Replacing them is easy and inexpensive, so it's worth checking out if you need an upgrade. Check out ourcabinet gas shocks for sale if you want high-quality replacements. We can provide you with a great deal on new cabinet gas shocks.

Here are some problems you might encounter when it's time to replace this critical cabinet component.

Difficulty Opening or Closing Cabinet Doors

One of the most common signs that your gas shocks might fail is difficulty opening or closing the cabinet door. This happens because the gas shocks do not provide the right amount of force to aid the operation of the door. If your cabinet door is no longer opening smoothly or is becoming a chore to close, it's time to consider replacing those gas shocks.

There's no need to struggle with a stubborn door when our top-quality gas shocks for cabinets are readily available for you to purchase. Remember, a well-functioning cabinet is just agas shock replacement away.

Slow or Inconsistent Movement

If you notice that your cabinet doors are opening or closing slower than usual or exhibit inconsistent speed, this is another sign of worn-out gas shocks. Gas shocks provide a steady, controlled motion when functional, allowing your cabinet doors to move consistently.

When these shocks wear out, they may no longer maintain this consistent speed, leading to slow or unpredictable door movements. Don't ignore these signs. Swap out those old shocks for a fresh set to get yourcabinet back in good working order.

Sudden Slamming

A properly functioning gas shock should close your cabinet door gently and quietly. So, if you're experiencing loud bangs or sudden slams when you try to close your cabinet door, this is a strong indication that your gas shocks can no longer control the door's movement effectively.

It's time to take action and prevent further damage to your cabinet or potential risk of injury. We offer a wide range of gas shocks for sale that can restore peace and functionality to your cabinets.

Unusual Noises

Squeaking, creaking, or popping sounds when operating the cabinet doors are not just annoyances. These unusual noises can be your cabinet gas shocks crying out for help.

Usually, a functional gas shock operates silently, keeping the movement of your cabinet doors smooth and quiet. If you start hearing these sounds, your gas shocks may be on the brink of failing.

Don't let these noises persist. Ignoring them could lead to more serious issues with your cabinet.

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