Why Stick With A Key In A Lock? Benefits Of Modern High-Tech New Lock Technology

Why Stick With A Key In A Lock? Benefits Of Modern High-Tech New Lock Technology

Nov 16th 2022

It wasn't too many years ago that a metal key turning a lock tumbler was still a staple of home and asset security. But that has changed quickly, and today you have a lot of very different choices that secure your possessions and your property in new and exciting ways. You don’t have to just snap a padlock on a door, or a cabinet.

Let's take RFID technology, for example. Instead of a key or even a combination, you have an access card that can open the door for you as easy as 1,2,3. RFID is taking off in other industries as well, as a premiere access tool, but its applications to security are pretty evident.

Access cards are easy to replace, and easy to transport. The best ones are quite resistant to access fraud, and very convenient for carriers.

Here are some of the other benefits of upgrading to RFID lock technology

No More Locksmithing

Trying to replace a traditional key is expensive and time-consuming. It's a hassle that a lot of property managers and other responsible parties don't want. Instead of calling a locksmith, you can easily recalibrate key card lock access.

People who have dealt with locksmiths in the old days know how logistically difficult that can be. After all, the locksmith doesn’t live on the property! There’s travel time and everything else, and scheduling challenges. Instead, RFID brings agility to property and asset management.

Smooth Movements

Using an RFID lock system is easy – it’s also more physically intuitive than turning a key. It's easier to do with your hands full, and decreases the time that you spend getting into a building or some asset like a cabinet. During a busy day, if you have a lot of these types of tasks, you'll see that everything becomes a lot easier!

Tracking Features

In some cases, new modern RFID lock technology can be tracked for additional security. We’re really living in the golden age of security now, where you can get more information about access rather than just relying on old analog systems.

Dress to Impress

Another important benefit of new lock technologies is the impressions that they make.

Imagine, when you are touring a new employer's building, if you see people wrangling keys from a key ring. Now imagine that instead, they’re carefully swiping cards at access points. It just looks more modern and more impressive, and gives the business that sense of authority and sophistication.

We maintain a big catalog of lock and security technologies. Biometrics, combination locks: we have it all. Let us help you to equip your property and safeguard your assets with the very best lock systems that suit your needs.

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