Three Essential Tips To Help Improve Your Home’s Security

Three Essential Tips To Help Improve Your Home’s Security

Sep 14th 2021

Taking care of yourself and your family, along with your possessions, is something we all need to do. Although there is a myriad of dedicated systems that we can rely on to keep us safe, there are also plenty of simple things that we can do ourselves to increase home security. Here are some basic tips that you can start applying today, so you can be safe at home -- without having to invest thousands of dollars in expensive security systems.

Always Lock Your Door

You should always make sure to lock the door of your house. It doesn’t matter if you’ll only leave home for five minutes, you must always keep your house locked. This is because doors closed without a lock can easily be opened in a matter of seconds. Thanks to this, any thief would be free to enter and disrupt your space in the time you’re outside.

Another important security tip is to avoid leaving spare keys in places such as mailboxes or flowerpots, since those are the places where thieves will look first. If you have a double lock, it’s much better. This is because when thieves meet resistance, they typically give up their break-in attempt. Reinforcing the hinges on your door isn't a bad idea either, just to add that extra security factor.

Check Locks and Possible Access Points

Locks can become the weakest point of security in a home. With repeated use, they wear out and lose effectiveness, so it’s very important that you review them periodically to verify that they’re in optimal condition. On the other hand, if you have just moved to a new home, remember to replace the locks, regardless of whether it’s second-hand, rental, or new. You never know who was able to keep a copy of the keys.

It’s important that you know the possible access points of your home and that you have them well protected, too. Thieves can use balconies as a ladder to climb to the upper floors. On balconies and terraces, doors that can be locked should be installed. In the case of sliding windows or doors, they must have a stop that prevents their opening from the outside. On the lower floors, the windows should preferably be protected with bars.

Install a Proper Security System

Alarms are the best way to scare away thieves. There are systems that are activated by motion sensors and send alerts to your phone. With them, you can control and see what’s happening inside your home at all times. You don’t even need a fancy security system; any simple plan that costs little money per month will do. Of course, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, do know that some systems will even allow you to control the opening and closing of exterior doors and windows.

If you want to see products to increase the security of your home, please contact us. We offer a wide variety of quality locks, stops, and alarms at a reasonable price so that you can reinforce the security of your home without problems.

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