Signs It Is Time for New Cabinet Hinges

Dec 18th 2020

The hinges on your cabinets can last for decades without ever having to be replaced. Even if you open and shut your cabinets daily, most hinges can withstand this use.

While this is true, there are some situations when making a small investment in new hinges will help to make a considerable improvement in your daily life. Keep reading to learn the top signs it is time to replace your cabinet hinges.

Layers of Paint Cover Your Cabinet Hinges

If you have painted your cabinets multiple times per year, there could be several layers of paint on them. This is particularly true if you have purchased an older home – there is no way to know the number of times former homeowners had painted the cabinets. While it is possible to sand the old hardware down and then repaint it again, this may be more work than you want to put into it. Purchasing new cabinet hinges is affordable and much less hassle than the steps mentioned above.

The Hinges and Handles Don’t Matter

Have you recently upgraded your drawer pulls and door handles? If so, your hinges may not match the new hardware. This won’t matter too much if the hinges are hidden inside the cabinets, but it is still something to keep in mind for the future. If you can see the hinges from the outside, mismatched hardware is something that will be quite noticeable. Now is the time to purchase new hinges to match the handles. This will also help your kitchen appear more cohesive.

The Hinges No Longer Work

For hinges that are overpainted, worn, or completely falling off, they may be past their prime. While they are still working, there are some hinges that don’t withstand as much wear as others can. Before replacing the hinges, try to tighten the screws or even spray some WD-40 (or another lubricant) on the moving parts to see if that helps. If this doesn’t help, it is time to make an affordable upgrade and purchase new hinges.

Your Hinges and Cabinet Styles Don’t Match

This is a common issue for homeowners when they upgrade their cabinet doors. For example, if you still have hinges from the 1960s, they will not match new shaker cabinet doors. Older hinges may detract from a kitchen makeover, and they may take away from some of the other design elements in the space. Some of the more modern style hinges are designed to open and close easier and softer than older hinges, which means you can enhance your cabinet’s function while improving the appearance. This is a win-win situation.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Cabinet Hinges?

If you notice any of the issues here, then it is time to upgrade your cabinet hinges. Doing this is affordable and pretty easy when it comes to installation. Don’t wait too long, as hinges are going to become harder and harder to use as you continue waiting to invest in new ones. 

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