Innovative Locks and More

Innovative Locks and More

Aug 17th 2020

When you need to upgrade the security of your home, vehicle, or other assets, having a specialized place to shop can be a big benefit.

We specialize in the hardware and infrastructure that you need to make homes and buildings safer. Here are some of the major categories of merchandise that we sell online to help property owners to get peace of mind about what’s inside their buildings.

Combination and RFID Locks

Today's security world is much different than it used to be.

For hundreds of years that humans have been locking up things, they have used physical keys to do so. A key is a very tangible physical possession. Its detailed design is what makes it unique and resistant to counterfeiting or other kinds of fraud to accomplish unauthorized use.

However, in the last decade or so, a new option has emerged. Modern combination locks don't require any key at all! By carrying a passcode, either by memory or on paper or in digital form, anyone, not just a keyholder, can get access to a building. At the same time, it's still properly secured from anyone who doesn't know the code. It’s a win-win! Compared to lugging keys around, these new kinds of locks are super-convenient.

Radiofrequency key cards are another alternative. Why do people shop for these so often? If you use combination locks or RFID locks to replace an old key system, you'll see how convenient it is. There's much less to worry about, from losing keys to juggling packages in arms when trying to get in the door. This type of modern lock is a major part of what we offer to our customers.

Exterior Sliding Door Locks

Aside from conventional door and window locks, specialized locks like sliding door locks and French door locks can really make a property more secure. Just ask anyone with a daylight basement whose home has been broken into!

Sliding doors and French doors are often one of the weakest points of entry from a security standpoint. It may be easier for burglars or other criminals to jimmy their way in one of these more fragile doors and lock systems.

Our proprietary locks make it a lot harder for individuals to break in. Again, we bring a level of specialization to the hardware that you're buying, making sure that everything you own is under lock and key.

Additional Items

We sell a lot of locks, but that's not all. We also sell things like drawer slides and LED lights and other things that help you to add quality to your property. Take a look!

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