Benefits of Smart Locks

Benefits of Smart Locks

Apr 14th 2020

If you've been considering replacing your exterior door locks, it may be time to evaluate smart locks as an option. These easy to install locks have a wide variety of benefits and make it easier to control access to your home, without having to worry about keying or rekeying the exterior locks.

A few benefits of smart locks include:

Allow Entry for Only Specific Individuals

With keyed locks, anyone who has the key or who can pick the lock can gain access to your home. This may wind up being a larger number of people than you'd actually want to let inside, but your options are limited due to the limitations of the lock itself. A smart lock works with a specific code that you program, and then only the individuals that have that code can operate the lock. These locks can also be designed to work with biometric information, RFID cards, and more, and can be tied into your home's entire security system.

Manage Access Remotely

If you leave home and forget to lock your door, or if you need to let someone into your home while you're away, a smart lock system allows you to unlock your home remotely. You can also lock the entrance back up after your visitor has left for the day. This remote access can be quite convenient when it is necessary and allows you to keep your home secure.

Increased Connectivity

Smart locks can be connected to work with any additional smart home devices that you have, including your security system and a smart home hub. This means that it can be quite easy to keep your home secure whether you're inside or on the go. You can give a verbal command or access the system from an app to lock up, making it a simple process. This is especially useful for individuals on the go and those juggling numerous people coming and going, as it allows everyone to help keep the home secure quickly and easily.

Boost Accessibility

Juggling keys can be difficult, and losing or forgetting them can really ruin your day. When you install a smart lock system, you don't have to worry about this issue, as you'll be able to access your home even if you've lost your keys. This increased accessibility also makes it easier to get into your home when your hands are full, you're walking your dog, or you're messy or dirty, as you don't have to struggle to use the keys.

When you're ready to make the switch to smart locking technology, reach out to the friendly professionals at Lock Connection for a quote. We'll help you install the system that's perfect for you and your family so that you have the security and peace of mind you need.

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