A Lock For Every Need

A Lock For Every Need

Jun 18th 2020

Locks are integral parts of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Every door handle you turn, every window you unlock, everytime you open a safe, you are interacting with locks. Locks are something many of us rarely ever put any thought into, but we all know how important they are to keeping the people and things we love safe.

Locks can be the only thing between a thief and your valuables and can help protect you and your home from intruders. Locks, in a sense, help us maintain order to our society. As history has progressed, locks have evolved from simple key designs, to complex biometric scanners. Modern society has introduced an array of different types of locks, each with unique applications and purposes.

Key Locks

The most common types of locks are key locks. Key locks work by inserting a key into the opening of the lock. Inside, the divots in the key align with metal cylinder type rods which are then pushed by the key to the position necessary for the lock to open. This type of lock is extremely easy to use and also very affordable, making it practical for many different applications, such as door locks, padlocks, and car locks. While they are quite common, key locks can also relatively easy to pick with some practice.

RFID Locks

RFID locks work using radio frequencies and proximity. Because there are no exposed openings on the lock, they are mostly waterproof and more secure. Because of their nature, RFID locks are impossible to pick and require other methods to break them. RFID locks can be commonly found in hotels, office buildings, and gates for neighborhoods.

Fingerprint Locks

The most “High Tech” locks on the market today are fingerprint locks, which work by scanning your finger and identifying your fingerprint. After you have scanned your finger into the lock for the first time, it will save your fingerprint and be able to recognize it whenever you go to unlock it. Due to the nature of this lock it also requires unusual forms to break into it making it very secure. Because it doesn’t use a key, you would not be able to pick it, making them common across the globe in businesses, homes, cars, and even smartphones.

Find The Best Lock For Your Purpose

Different types of locks work in varying degrees of security strategies that you can use to fit your needs. To determine what locking system will work best for you, browse through the many selections at Lock Connections LLC. where you will find the best locks on the market today. 

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